Verónica Puche (b.1984, Bogotá, Colombia) is a New York-based artist and curator working with photography, video and text. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from Universidad de los Andes, completed the program in General Studies at International Center of Photography and the MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies from ICP-BARD where she received the Director’s Fellowship for two consecutive years. Her work has been exhibited in the Unites States, Mexico and Colombia. Her publications and artist books are part of the ICP Library collection.

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Curatorial Projects

Notas al Futuro

Each has a story to be told and retold
Which shall be a glowing thread
In the fabric of Man

From Notes to the Future by Patti Smith

Notas al futuro presents the photographic work of a diverse group of artists from Brazil, Colombia, France, Greenland, India, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, and the United States. New York City is the thread that weaves this creative community together – a city whose rich multi-cultural environment challenges the borders that separate us.

In this show, the artists employ various means – color abstractions, oneiric landscapes, archival interventions, straight photography, artists books and alternative printing processes — to bridge difference. We create an open dialogue through images that promotes understanding for the cultural diversity that defines us in an era of political agitation, media disorder, and uncertainty. The act of creation represents our shared humanity.

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